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The J. L. Hahn Consulting Group is committed to efficiently helping our customers reach their publishing and technology goals. Our company is organized like a modern, full-service publishing company - we offer everything but the product! We provide you with the control and capacity to meet and exceed your educational publishing goals.

Focused, smart and committed to our customers' success, our consulting team has been working in the publishing and technology industry for years, successfully creating award-winning, innovative products and services.

We offer our customers the work of skilled professionals who have conceived, created and launched new products, created user-friendly and dynamic technology, profitably implemented innovative marketing strategies, and instituted winning business development and sales growth plans. Our track record of success is superior, and we work with you to ensure that our engagement is highly beneficial to your organization. Our company is staffed with experienced, senior-level talent that can implement your projects quickly and efficiently.

And unlike many consulting companies, we skillfully implement what we recommend.