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Creating a New Consulting Model

In June 2003, Jeffrey Hahn was working for the McGraw-Hill Companies. He was the President and General Manager of a successful publishing imprint called Dushkin/McGraw-Hill. Starting in 1992, Dushkin had increased sales 10% each year and they were the industry leader in technology product development. In 2003, the McGraw-Hill Companies decided to move the Dushkin operation to Dubuque, IA. At that time, Jeffrey Hahn decided to start his own textbook consulting firm.

Unlike many consulting firms, the J. L. Hahn Consulting Group decided to focus on all functional areas of college publishing. With a focus on product development and market development, Mr. Hahn began meeting with clients to determine their needs. What he learned was fascinating - most clients are unique with unique problems. Also, many clients felt that hiring a consultant gave them less control of their operations, not more control. Because of this, he decided to create a consulting group that gave clients more control over their product lines.

The goal of the J. L. Hahn Consulting Group is to provide clients with the capacity to get their work done the same way they would like it to be done if they had the time to do it themselves. We are an extension of the client.

Jeffrey Hahn, owner of the firm, has created what he likes to call a "virtual company." He has amassed a network of talented publishing professionals that provide high-quality contract services at an affordable price. Since its inception, the J. L. Hahn Consulting Group has provided quality work for all of the major college textbook publishers. The J. L. Hahn Consulting Group provides support for all functional areas of publishing, including product development, sales and marketing, production and technology.

Today, the J. L. Hahn Consulting group has grown to over 15 associates. Our revenues have increased each year and our client list is growing. We are focused on providing well-crafted engagements that meet the client's needs. Our best advertising is word of mouth.

"This is a great time to be in the publishing and technology business," says Mr. Hahn. "Over the next 10 years, the fusion of technology, publishing and education will dramatically change how we learn, and the J. L. Hahn Consulting Group will help shape that changing future."