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What We Do

Reach and Surpass Your Goals

The J. L. Hahn Consulting Group offers its clients full-service educational publishing support in the areas of product and business development. We craft each engagement by listening to the needs of our clients and working closely with key stakeholders in an organization.

We are experienced and successful professionals offering quick turnaround at reasonable prices. We are experts in all functional areas of the educational publishing process and we provide you with the capacity to reach and surpass your goals.

Over the years we have allowed our clients to shape our product offerings. Since each client is different, we listen to our customer's needs and build an engagement that is right for the client. Though we offer the following services, please note that we are always looking to expand on this engagement list:

Product Concepts and Implementation

Are you looking to invent the next great technology "killer-application" for college students, or implement a marketing plan for a product that is currently in development? If so, we can help ensure your success. Product concepts and implementation is a strength of the J. L. Hahn Consulting Group. We have a successful track record of working closely with companies and their customers to develop wildly successful print and digital products.

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Educational Technology Product Development

Successfully developing technology products will differentiate your company in the markets you serve. The J. L. Hahn Consulting Group's owner Jeffrey Hahn has been a leader in technology product development since 1991. The first to market with nearly every major technology platform over the past 15 years, he has gone from videodisk development in 1990 to revenue generating web sites in the present. Mr. Hahn is able to work closely with customers, turning their needs into easy-to-use, effective technology products.

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Textbook Product Development

Developing and launching successful new and revised products is the backbone of any publishing company. As more and more companies try to differentiate their products in the marketplace, it is clear that creating successful inventory has become more complex. In addition, fully staffing a product development department is very difficult and expensive. In today's current environment, many publishing companies do not have the in-house staff in place to successfully develop and launch all books that are under contract. The J. L. Hahn Consulting group will successfully develop textbooks and ancillaries in all disciplines.

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Print and Digital Marketing Strategies

Without successful marketing strategies, the best-developed products will never reach the customer. Focused and aggressive marketing strategies can ensure that your well-spent product development dollars are an investment in your company's future. The J. L. Hahn Consulting Group will develop and implement full-service marketing plans and strategies that give your products the best chance of exceeding their goals. By ensuring a product's success, you ensure a successful future for your company. We will work closely with your marketing and sales staff as well as your customers to create and implement aggressive and cost-effective marketing strategies.

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Marketing Research

Marketing research is a strong tool for testing and measuring ideas, concepts and products in the markets you serve. We offer a full-service marketing research experience - everything from focus group development to online customer surveys and "snail" mail surveys. We believe that marketing research is the lifeblood of any exceptional company, and we offer full-service marketing research plans so you can easily and quickly identify your customer needs, and you can promptly measure and test new concepts. Our goal is to help you be first to market with new and sought-after goods and services. We are prepared to work closely with your marketing team to tackle any size project. And if you have your own research department, we can still assist you by building tools for you to successfully stay in touch with your customers.

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Product Launches

Sometimes it is helpful to bring a new voice to the table when an innovative product is being launched. As we have all learned from experience, it is important to get both external and internal traction when launching a new product. J. L. Hahn Consulting will help you launch your products by working closely with your customers and your sales and marketing teams. We will create and implement launch plans for your company.

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Website Development

The J. L. Hahn Consulting Group represents a team of extremely talented individuals who have produced some of the most successful education websites in the industry. A customer-focused, well-crafted website will differentiate your company for its customers. Our team offers several ways to engage with us regarding website development. We can provide website analysis and feedback for your technical group, develop website strategies for your company, and produce and develop new and innovative websites for your external and internal customers.

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Business Development

The education publishing market is becoming more and more competitive. Even though enrollments are increasing, used books and clever customers have made it difficult to reach double-digit growth. Thus, business development has become an important focus of most media companies. There is a need to export and sell content to distance learning companies, for-profit institutions, and corporate training companies. The J. L. Hahn Consulting Group works with its clients to create new business development opportunities, and acts as a liaison between your company and these prospective customers. This is a growing opportunity, and we can help you maximize your top line by facilitating business in this important growth area.

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Sales Development and CRM Call Centers

The J. L. Hahn Consulting Group offers its customers numerous sales development and CRM opportunities. Jeffrey Hahn has managed successful sales and CRM teams, and members of his consulting team have years of experience leading successful sales and CRM organizations. The J. L. Hahn Consulting Group will help you manage inside sales organizations, handle online sales of lower-priority titles, and help you with your CRM Call Center for both sales and technology services. If you have seasonal CRM work, we can effectively handle the overflow work, and save you money in the process. Our goal is to save you money while increasing your sales.

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Customer training can differentiate you and your products from that of your competitors. For example, every year hundreds of excellent books and websites are ignored by customers, because there is an insufficient amount of product training in the publishing industry. Research has shown that most customers have little understanding of the content of book support websites or new textbooks. J. L. Hahn Consulting will help you train your customers by creating detailed training plans for key products. We can also train internal customers, regarding the roles within your company. And we work closely with school districts to train teachers on how to use technology in the classroom.

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